Savour positive moments and live a happier life

Whilst we may have a toolkit full of techniques for coping with the negative events that come our way in life, it’s also worth focussing on how we can embrace the positive aspects too. From living with more happiness and gratitude to making better life choices, savouring can help us in our work and personal lives. 

We’ll look at what savouring is and how you can savour positive moments to live a happier life. 

What is savouring?

In positive psychology, savouring involves noticing and appreciating positive things in your life. It amplifies our feelings of gratitude and has been shown to improve sleep and strengthen our relationships with others. 

In Savouring: A New Model of Positive Experience, Fred Bryant and Joseph Veroff share how savouring is a shift in our mindset that amplifies positive emotions. Being mindfully aware of the positive moments leaves less room for negative thoughts. It’s all about changing your mindset to spend your time focussing on positive experiences. Research is ongoing into how savouring can help you to cope following a stressful life event. 

There are many ways we can savour a moment:

  • Gratitude: expressing thanks or reflecting on an event
  • Pride: reaching a goal or fulfilling personal achievements 
  • Awe:  stopping to appreciate the present moment, like a sunset

How can I savour everyday moments?

The rush to make your coffee before you leave for work, the idle wait for the train, the mundane, day to day tasks… At first, it can be hard to see where this would come into practice.

However, we can appreciate drinking our favourite beverage, be thankful for the opportunity to listen to our favourite podcast on our commute or pause to reflect. Savouring is a way you can help to relieve stress in your everyday life by shifting your energy away from negativity. 

Why not try it out for yourself? Here are five ways that you can put savouring into practice in your day to day life. 

1. Show gratitude

Being thankful for the little things in life can help us to truly appreciate positive moments, whether it’s your morning cup of coffee or a colleague doing a favour for you. 

2. Share with others

Just like we rush to share the good news with our close friends or loved ones, why not include others in your positive encounters too? Savouring in this way can deepen connections and strengthen our relationships with others. 

3. Be present 

At its core, savouring involves the present moment, which can be easily looked over when we’re eagerly planning the next quarter or working through monthly reports. Having awareness in the current moment helps us to stop and enjoy the experiences.  

4. Unplug

We spend so much of our time consumed by screens and social media that it can be easy to become distracted from our surroundings. Taking the time to disconnect makes it easier to pay attention and not miss out.

5. Use your senses

What can you see, feel, hear, smell, touch? It can help to recognise the intricacies of your positive experiences – what is it about this moment that gives you joy?

Want to cultivate a happier you?

Being happy is much more than simply wearing a smile on your face. It’s about having a positive outlook on your present and future life, getting a buzz from engaging in healthy habits, living life optimistically and purposefully, enjoying meaningful relationships, feeling satisfied that you’re contributing to society through work or other activities, being productive, and taking more chances.

With this course, expect to be your own agent of change, actively pursuing a happier life. You’ll be encouraged to discover new or revisit past activities that you find enjoyable. You’ll be asked to live more authentically and set your own life goals.