Regain your inner calm in five minutes a day

Do you feel like you’re constantly busy and rushed off your feet, with no space in your life to take time for yourself? Are you stressed and feeling like the day is running away from you? Do you want to regain control and find your inner calm?

What if we told you that you only need five minutes a day?

Get ready to quieten your overthinking and hush your negative thoughts with our top tips for getting back to calm in no time. Bring your life back into balance, ground yourself, realign with your goals, improve your focus and boost your productivity.

What is your inner calm? Why is it important?

Think of your inner calm as you living your best life – you’re content, at peace and happy. It doesn’t mean everything is rosy, but it does mean that you’re effectively managing any stress or anxiety in your life. You might do this through meditation or mindfulness, where you focus just on the present moment, your breathing and your immediate surroundings.

When we feel inner calm, we are slowing the rush of anxious or irrational thoughts, the constant overthinking or the negative self-talk. It can be easy to fall into the trap of letting these thoughts occupy our every day, so taking five minutes to regain your inner calm can increase your focus and productivity. With a calm mindset, you can get more done and thinking clearly about the task or decision at hand.

What can you do to regain your inner calm?

Feeling like you’ve lost your inner calm? Or maybe you’re looking for easy ways to fit it into your daily life? Here are some useful ways you can prioritise your mental wellbeing and restore your inner calm.

Schedule it

It may sound silly, but adding it to your to-do list, as a reminder on your phone or to your planner reinforces the idea that it’s a priority in your day. Carving time into your daily routine to check in with yourself or follow a guided meditation will help to make it seem like a normal part of your day, whether it’s a post-morning coffee moment, during your lunch or before bed.

Focus on what you can control

If you feel like things are out of your control, take a moment to ask yourself: Can this be in my control? Do I have any influence over this, or could my energy be spent on something else?

Focus your time and effort on what you can control – it can only lead to more anxiety or stress if you fixate on something you can’t do anything about. Take the time to check in with yourself: are you putting your efforts into things you can change? Will this make you feel more accomplished? Is this productive? Over time, this will have a snowball effect.


Getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper can help you to distance and disconnect from them. This meditative practice allows you to work through your thoughts from a more objective perspective.

Sometimes, just releasing them is what we need, and it can feel like a weight is lifted from us to empty them from our mind for a moment. Our blog on how to journal your worries away has more tips you can implement.

It’s time to reset yourself.

Anxiety is on the increase. It affects our relationships, our work and our pleasure in once-enjoyed activities. If you’d like to learn how to relieve your anxious physical and mental symptoms and reset them, this course can help you do that! It will enable you to see the situations that make you anxious as less threatening and teach you techniques from relaxation to thought reframing.

With this course, you’ll access expert guidance to help you give anxiety the heave-ho so you can focus on your goals and reach your potential. By the end of the eight lessons, expect to see yourself with a renewed sense of calm. You’ll take life in your stride, accept that anxiety is a state of mind, and approach challenges with improved focus, helping you make better decisions.