Motivate Me Service

Challenging problems ~ Motivating minds

Are you finding it hard motivating yourself to use mental health apps?

That’s why we have created the Zen Buddy Motivate Me service.

With secure messaging, you will be guided step by step by our experts to take action, keep going, and feel better.

We’re here for you!

Bridging the gap

Our Motivate Me service bridges the gap between self-help and the therapy room, but why is it needed? Often, people have the best intentions of getting to grips with their mental health and install mental health apps but can fail to start using them or stop before they have given sufficient time to see the benefits.

"Rome wasn’t built in a day"

John Heywood

You wouldn’t expect to get a six-pack by going to the gym once or twice. The same is true when you’re striving to make changes in your mental health. It takes time and practice to master skills and habits. 

Why do we install apps but don’t use them?

The rationale for us creating the Motivate Me service came from our knowledge regarding poor motivation as a result of mental health problems, and use of mental health apps, which can lie dormant on people’s phones.

Depression can bring with it the symptoms of poor motivation, and learned helplessness, that is, the individual thinks that whatever they try, they will most likely fail. It’s a state of the depressive mind and can prevent you from using wellbeing apps. Those with anxiety may be able to better access the apps, but struggle to decide on which area to concentrate, and have difficulty sticking to one programme at once. Whatever the issue, you can talk it through with your Zen Buddy Coach. Our Motivate Me service helps you access the digital mental health support available through the Zen Buddy app and remove poor motivation, which is often the barrier to positive mental health.

In line with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines, facilitated self-help, such as Zen Buddy’s guided Motivate Me service, is effective in helping adults with a range of mental ill health issues. It is especially useful for people who have tried self-care approaches and there have been no improvements in their condition after a while.

Who does it help?

People with depression.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder and panic disorder.

Our Zen Buddy Motivate Me service can be the key to unlocking the problem of non-action, and help you use the psychologist-created programmes of support to help you overcome issues which affect you daily.

What does the Motivate Me service involve?

Through secure messaging, your coach will motivate you to take action, learn new ways of improving your mood, and reduce stress. 

Initially, you will have a 15-minute telephone consultation on your area of need, goals, and time available, followed by phone or text check-ins three times a week for six weeks. During this time, you will be encouraged to:

  • Identify your personal goals, and what you would like to achieve
  • Use the app regularly 
  • Follow a Zen Buddy app mental wellbeing programme

Progress towards your wellbeing goals will be monitored by your personal coach. You will be helped to remove any barriers in following the programme, and use the app in your daily routine, to gain optimal mental health benefit.

For employers wishing their staff to access this support, contact us for more details.

Initial 15-minute telephone conversation to discuss goals, area of need, and suggested app training programme.

Five to 10-minute telephone or text check-in support, three times a week for 6 weeks with your dedicated Zen Buddy Coach.

A bespoke way to understand your inner emotions/feelings, reach your targets, and achieve your mental health goals.


Your Motivate Me service is affordable at only £100, which includes the initial consultation and 18 telephone or text conversations. Additional time can be made available to those who wish to have longer with their coach at a small cost.

Your Zen Buddy Coach

Trained by a fully qualified and practicing psychologist, your personal coach will guide you to use the app, motivate you to keep going, and help you on your journey to better mental health.

How do I signup?

It’s easy…


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