SOS Help Me Calm Down NOW!

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  • Last Update October 13, 2021


This is a ‘Help me fast’ anger management course for people who want to know how to calm down quickly. Apart from fear, anger is the most arousing emotion you feel, and this can lead to actions which get you divorced, fired, or even arrested. You’ll learn how to recognise your anger triggers and what to do to avoid those knee-jerk responses that can lead to physical and emotional harm.
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Topics for this course

4 Lessons

SOS Help Me Calm Down NOW!

Anger Hurts Your Health00:2:23
Calm Connections00:06:26
Unlearning Modelled Anger00:03:21
Tip of the Iceberg Emotion00:03:23

About the instructor

Dr Yvonne Yates is a Practitioner Psychologist, currently working in independent practice. She spends her time writing and recording for Zen Buddy, delivering psychological therapy, and assessing learning difficulties. She has worked in a range of settings and organisations, including adult primary care, education, memory and rehabilitation, young offenders, and child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), helping diverse client groups with their mental and emotional wellbeing, and learning needs.
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Material Includes

  • Four lessons on how to de-arouse quickly and stop anger from pushing you into making bad choices.
  • Four ‘practice with me’ videos on how to calm down using relaxation approaches; channel your hero’s behaviours; and use assertiveness communication.
  • Easy-to follow steps on the anger process and where to break the cycle.
  • Assertiveness communication scripts for ‘In situ’ use.
  • Expert guidance on what you and others can do when emotions hijack your brain.

Target Audience

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn about their anger style, and how to express their anger more appropriately.
  • With our expert advice, based on years of clinical and educational experience, you’ll discover the benefits of assertiveness communication. You’ll become a more zen individual when your buttons are pressed.