How to win your social anxiety battle

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  • Last Update March 6, 2021


Are you constantly feeling like you’re being judged by the world and his wife?

Would you like to learn how to overcome your social anxiety through easy-to-follow steps?

In this course, you’ll learn new ways of regaining control over your thoughts, unlearn old thinking habits, and take a different perspective on life.

In time, your self-belief will be back, enabling you to pursue more social opportunities and live life to the full.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

How to win your social anxiety battle

Fearing eyes on you00:04:51
Fear of being heard00:02:28
Success at the supermarket00:03:37
Conquering fear at the restaurant00:04:31

About the instructor

Dr Yvonne Yates is a Practitioner Psychologist, currently working in independent practice. She spends her time writing and recording for Zen Buddy, delivering psychological therapy, and assessing learning difficulties. She has worked in a range of settings and organisations, including adult primary care, education, memory and rehabilitation, young offenders, and child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), helping diverse client groups with their mental and emotional wellbeing, and learning needs.
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Material Includes

  • Four lessons on how to manage your social anxiety.
  • Four ‘practice with me’ videos.
  • Relaxation exercises to help you unwind and reset, giving you that well-earned break from your anxiety.
  • Guidance on how to challenge your irrational thinking and use of a behavioural experiment.
  • Solutions that make supermarket shopping an opportunity for overcoming your social anxiety.
  • How to recognise and call out safety behaviours that keep your anxiety alive.
  • Details on how to channel an external focus at a restaurant.

Target Audience

  • This course is for individuals whose key goal is to conquer their fear of social anxiety. It’s a tricky task, but with our easy-to-follow guidance and expert advice, you’re in good hands. You’ll soon be able to live a more fulfilling life, enjoying the simplest of life’s essentials such as shopping, and the pleasures of dining out!