How to Mend Your Broken Heart


What is the first thing you feel after a romantic break up? For many, it’s pain. Not surprising, as the sorrow of a lost love is felt as deeply as intense physical discomfort.
In this course, we help you to adapt to your life without your ex, keep your self-worth intact, and enable your heart to be open to finding new love. It’s a step-by-step guide to help you emerge the other side, with your heart less bruised, and on the mend.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

How to Mend Your Broken Heart

Addicted to love00:01:48
Rescuing your self-worth00:02:35
Engage and avoid00:03:25
Four steps to freedom00:02:35

About the instructor

Dr Yvonne Yates is a Practitioner Psychologist, currently working in independent practice. She spends her time writing and recording for Zen Buddy, delivering psychological therapy, and assessing learning difficulties. She has worked in a range of settings and organisations, including adult primary care, education, memory and rehabilitation, young offenders, and child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), helping diverse client groups with their mental and emotional wellbeing, and learning needs.
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Material Includes

  • Four lessons on how to get through the pain of a romantic break up.
  • Four videos offering advice on how to heal.
  • Information from brain studies showing love is an addiction.
  • The power of self-care and self-love to make you stronger.
  • Guidance on the Dos and Don’ts after a break-up, enabling you to find balance between mourning the loss of your relationship and learning to live without your ex in your life.
  • Solutions to help you recognise and re-discover your self-worth.
  • Advice on why it’s good to forgive, your attachment style, the ‘take-aways,’ and embracing change.

Target Audience

  • This course is for individuals who have experienced a close romantic break-up and want to know how to best get through it. With our easy-to-follow guidance and professional advice, you will be able to process your painful emotions, find balance, and maintain your self-worth so that you are open to loving again.