How to change your perception of jealousy

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  • Last Update October 7, 2021


This course is designed to help you combat the emotion that is jealousy.

Are you finding yourself becoming aggressive or spiteful when jealous?

Is jealousy consuming you to the point where you are unproductive?

Is jealousy damaging your relationships?

In this course, you’ll be introduced to methods on how to cope with jealousy and the negative behaviours surrounding it, allowing you to free yourself of the damages and threats this little green-eyed monster can cause.

Topics for this course

3 Lessons

Battling the Green-Eyed Monster?

Learning how to change your perception of jealousy and transforming this into a positive thinking power
Learning how to change your perception of jealousy and transforming this into a positive thinking power00:06:53
Learning how to communicate your jealousy to those around you00:00:00
Learning how to reflect effectively to release negative thoughts and begin the transformation of your negative behavior into more a positive and productive mindset00:00:00

About the instructor

Zoe Merrett


Zoe Merrett has been writing professionally for nearly ten years and currently writes short stories and mental health courses for Zen Buddy. She is also writing her first novel. Zoe has also worked as a secondary school English teacher and uses her experiences with young adults and her own battles with anxiety and depression to write courses and stories that could help others improve their mental health.  
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Material Includes

  • Three lessons detailing what jealousy is and methods on how to overcome it or cope with it better.
  • A video explaining how to use journaling to release negative emotions.
  • Guidance on how to communicate with loved ones or colleagues when you are feeling jealous.

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for individuals who find themselves becoming angry, aggressive or spiteful when feeling jealous. However, this course will also benefit those who simply become too consumed or overwhelmed by jealousy. By taking this course, you’ll become a much calmer and more secure person who is happy with their achievements, rather than seeking what others have, therefore improving your mental health and self-confidence.