Handling social anxiety at work


Would you like to discover how to overcome one of the most major threats to your mental wellbeing? Social anxiety is more common than you think, and it can have devastating consequences on your work and life satisfaction.

In this course, you’ll learn about the most effective strategies to help manage social anxiety. You’ll practise techniques that will help you improve your interpersonal skills in the workplace. Your confidence at work will gradually grow and you’ll soon be acting as a role model and champion to others with social anxiety!

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

Handling social anxiety at work

You’re not alone00:05:05
Social reinforcement00:03:00
Accepting the spotlight00:04:04
Talk yourself better00:02:52
Visualising Successful Supervision00:02:02

About the instructor

Dr Yvonne Yates is a Practitioner Psychologist, currently working in independent practice. She spends her time writing and recording for Zen Buddy, delivering psychological therapy, and assessing learning difficulties. She has worked in a range of settings and organisations, including adult primary care, education, memory and rehabilitation, young offenders, and child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), helping diverse client groups with their mental and emotional wellbeing, and learning needs.
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Material Includes

  • Five lessons on how to manage your anxiety in different situations in the workplace.
  • Five ‘practice with me’ videos.
  • Exercise on how to use graded exposure.
  • Step-by-step guide on surviving the business meeting.
  • Visualisation as a solution to controlling your anxiety in supervision and other one-to-ones.
  • Guidance on how to manage impromptu gatherings in-between work tasks.
  • How to improve your social skills and practice them in situ using a hierarchy pyramid.

Target Audience

  • This course is for individuals who want to overcome their social anxiety in the workplace. Investing time in self-analysing and improving your personal resources will help you navigate the boardroom, conference hall, brew room, and other areas at work.
  • By gradually putting the solutions into practice, you’ll feel safer and more confident amongst your co-workers. You’ll develop the habit of positive thinking, and will be able to go about your working life without social anxiety being in charge.