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Anxiety is on the increase. It affects our relationships, our work and our pleasure in once-enjoyed activities. If you’d like to learn how to relieve your anxious physical and mental symptoms and reset, this course can help you do that! It will enable you to see the situations that make you anxious as less threatening and teach you techniques from relaxation to thought reframing. With this course, you’ll access expert guidance to help you give anxiety the heave-ho so you can focus on your goals and reach your potential. By the end of the eight lessons, expect to see yourself with a renewed sense of calm. You’ll take life in your stride, accept that anxiety is a state of mind, and approach challenges with improved focus, helping you make better decisions.

Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Anxious to Calm

Breathe deep and find your zen00:00:00
Master your Fight or Flight Response00:00:00
Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation to Reduce Anxiety00:00:00
Guided Imagery to Calm the Body and Mind00:00:00
Changing Your Thoughts to Change Your Feelings00:00:00
Harmonising Your Home to Reduce Anxiety00:00:00
Assigning ‘Worry Time’ to Address Anxiety00:00:00
Journaling Your Anxieties Away00:00:00

About the instructor

Dr Yvonne Yates is a Practitioner Psychologist, currently working in independent practice. She spends her time writing and recording for Zen Buddy, delivering psychological therapy, and assessing learning difficulties. She has worked in a range of settings and organisations, including adult primary care, education, memory and rehabilitation, young offenders, and child and adolescent mental health (CAMHS), helping diverse client groups with their mental and emotional wellbeing, and learning needs.
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Material Includes

  • Eight lessons on how to move from a state of anxiety to a state of calm.
  • Eight ‘practice with me’ videos.
  • Guidance on how to bring about calm to your life, at home, work, and social situations. Each lesson focuses on a different element and includes a video to help cement the ideas taught.
  • Reference to the science behind anxiety.
  • Therapeutic techniques that will bring about calm through a commitment of only a few minutes each day.
  • Expert advice on how to put worries aside until you have the time to fully problem-solve them, letting go of any worries that are outside of your control.
  • Shared evidence-based strategies will allow you to see how easy it is to use work break times, a spare five minutes at home, and social settings, to regain your inner calm.
  • You’ll learn how to journal your worries away and use mindful breathing to decompress and regain mastery over your emotions.

Target Audience

  • Adults who want to develop an understanding of anxiety and its harmful effects, and how to apply this knowledge to real-life settings, through helpful, easy-to-follow instructions and exercises.