Dr Yvonne Yates

Don’t Panic!

Are your panic symptoms eating into your daily life? Did they start off as virtually nothing but have grown into an almighty beast that you’re struggling to tame? Do you want to do something about them before they become unbearable? If you’d like to learn how to master your panic attacks and stop them from ruining your life, this course is ideal. In four lessons, you’ll achieve an understanding of the common symptoms of panic, what triggers them, and what keeps them going. You’ll be introduced to methods that help you accept panic sensations so that they vanish quicker. Analysis of your thoughts will enable you to reframe them. You’ll learn about major barriers to overcoming panic attacks so you can be aware of them and tackle them head-on. Gradually, and with practice, you’ll find that your panic attacks will diminish, and you’ll be all the stronger for facing them.

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