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Promoting a positive approach to mental health within your organisation is immensely beneficial to you, your team and your bottom line.

A Zen employee is a happy employee

Supporting your employees’ mental health and wellbeing can reduce long-term absences. With the right tools and strategies, more individuals may be able to remain in work whilst dealing with depression, anxiety or stress, or return to work earlier.

Using Zen Buddy for your organisation

The Zen Buddy app is a cost-effective and practical solution, specifically designed to manage mental health difficulties and promote mindfulness techniques.

Staff enjoying good mental health:

Why use an app?

mental health apps are

Make our app your own

Skip the meetings and save on the development time and costs with your own branded version of Zen Buddy.

We’ve done all the hard work for you.

White labelling the Zen Buddy app brings your organisation’s approach to mental health to life.

  • Highlights your commitment to the wellbeing of your team
  • Ready-made solution to help your workforce develop the skills and techniques they need for positive mental health
  • All the benefits of Zen Buddy, tailored to you