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CEO of Zen Buddy

Dr. Yvonne Yates

Dr. Yates, CEO and Creator of the Zen Buddy App, is a practitioner Psychologist, author and mother of two; and has worked in the field of psychology for over 21 years.

Yvonne wanted somewhere her clients could easily access a library of online self-help materials.

Mobile apps are a practical option for delivering mental health treatment due to the prevalence of smartphones and shortage of face-to-face provider treatment.

Yvonne saw an opportunity to improve what was currently on the market after reading research conducted by Wasil Et Al (2019) which found that there is an absence of problem-solving, cognitive restructuring and activity scheduling features in current smartphone mental wellbeing apps, aimed at reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Zen Buddy was created with the scientific knowledge.

Yvonne has achieved a Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, which includes a Certificate in Counselling.
Yvonne holds a Masters Degree in Psychological Research Methods and a Bachelors (Hons) in Psychology.
Yvonne has written a book on Human givens Therapy, a practical 'How to' book for practitioners working with adolescents experiencing mental ill health.
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Managing Director

Paul Yates

I’m Paul, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Zen Buddy. I’ve worked for many years in customer facing roles. I am responsible for the day-to-day operational activities of the company. Being a member of the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce enables me to promote positive change within organisations. My job is to help you provide as mentally healthy a workplace as possible.

Assistant Manager

Joe Yates

Building new relationships and showing people the benefits of becoming a Zen Buddy is when I’m in my element. 

From a corporate perspective, my role is to help companies meet their staff’s mental wellbeing needs. I do this by demonstrating how the use of our Zen Buddy App makes employees happier. 

Creative Writer

Zoe Merrett

After gaining Creative Writing degree at Bath Spa University, Somerset, I went on to become an English teacher, it was during this time I was diagnosed with anxiety. 

I developed my courses from personal experiences, and the knowledge I had gained by working with young adults. 

My short stories will help you to escape reality for a moment, creating a little bit of magic to give you the peace, harmony and strength you are looking for. 

Creative Writer

Tamara Cartlidge

I’m Tamara Cartlidge. I’m part of the creative team at Zen Buddy. I was involved with the design
process and I currently write therapeutic stories to help people process their current mood,
encouraging them to think more positively about their lives.
My aspiration is to be an Educational Psychologist – promoting and improving individuals’ quality of
life. I have completed a degree in Early Childhood Studies (BA) and an MA in Education.
Alongside writing short stories, I also attend conferences and charity fund raising events in order to
promote Zen Buddy.

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